Kid-Guards: Professional protection for your children

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Elysion knows that you care about your child, more and more often children become targets of abduction but also simply the target of violence and bullying. No matter what age, ELYSION Risk Management GmbH offers tailor-made solutions for the direct or indirect protective accompaniment of families with children of any age.

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Whether on the way to school, on school trips or at parties and festivals. We ensure the discreet protection of your child. Our specially trained Kid-Guards have years of experience in the protection of children and families with children. Here we rely on fully trained bodyguards who have, however, undergone additional pedagogical training.

Like all our bodyguards and escorts, our Kid Guards are subject to an aptitude assessment procedure and all of them come from a previous official use in order to provide maximum but discreet protection for your loved ones.

Kid Care offers your child the necessary protection, absolutely safe and discreet, so that neither the natural development nor the privacy of your child is affected. This includes:

  • Threat analysis
  • Age-appropriate training in recognising dangers
  • Consulting and procurement of safety technology for child monitoring
  • behavioural training, self-confidence, prevention
  • raising awareness of the dangers of drugs
  • driving services / travel transfer or travel escort

Our goal to protect the child is to be tactically present but practically “invisible”.

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