Protection of house and land

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In Germany alone, almost 100,000 burglaries occur every year, and it can be assumed that the number of unreported cases almost doubles this figure. At the same time, indiscriminate and targeted vandalism is an increasingly common phenomenon, as the statistics of the BKA show. These exemplary events take place both in the presence and absence of the owners of the respective property. Effective protection, especially with regard to organised crime and professional travelling offender groups, always consists of coordinated preventive measures.

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ELYSION Risk Management GmbH offers you holistic concepts to analyse all potential dangers to your property and possessions and to take appropriate, individual protective measures.

Our team of Risk Consultants, who have an official background and special knowledge of the industry, takes over this task for you.

Our services for the protection of house and ground, consist among others of

  • Creation of an individual risk matrix
  • Definition of individual protection targets
  • Penetration testing of any existing security measures
  • Guarding of particularly endangered properties by high-quality security personnel trained beyond industry standards
  • Planning and installation of technical safety precautions
  • Creation and implementation of security concepts for individual properties and demand and interest groups.
  • Behavioural training for residents in case of danger
  • Specially trained intervention teams consisting exclusively of active and former members of law enforcement agencies and the military

ELYSION Risk Management GmbH offers a unique package of organizational, technical and personnel security at the standard of the authorities. Holistic security for private customers, made in Germany.

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