Security training and consulting

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Training is a core element of security. Only those who know how to behave correctly in difficult situations and crises have a system with which they can bring structure into chaos. For this reason, ELYSION Risk Management has set itself the goal of passing on the extensive experience of our emergency services to private individuals, security forces and professional weapon carriers. What sets us apart from many other competitors: Our lecturers and instructors are exclusively former and active members of the military and authorities from all over the EU.

Our trainings take place all over Europe and meet or even exceed official standards.

Education and training for individuals and companies:

  • Self-defence (For all gender and age groups)
  • Fraud and theft prevention
  • Dealing with means of violence
  • Basic class - Blank Guns
  • Fire prevention
  • Conduct as a hostage/ isolated person abroad
  • Teambuilding measures and self-conquest (100km march, boot camp and eXperience Weekend)
  • Prevention of violence
  • Travel preparation abroad
  • Basic course pepper spray
  • First Aid & Advanced First Aid
  • Prevention of burglary
  • Home Defence (individuals and families)

Education and training for security forces:

  • De-escalation training
  • Handling drug addicts
  • Fire protection
  • Self-defence for security officers
  • Use of OC Spray/ Mace
  • Intercultural competence
  • Training in the concept of protection against violence
  • First Responder
  • Suspect approach, takedown and arrest techniques.

Training for professional weapon carriers

  • Basic training - Pistol
  • Foreign Weapons Training
  • Force on Force – Scenario training
  • Basic training - Rifle/ Carbine
  • Tactical shooting - close range

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